Idea . Prototype . Development . Construction . Production .

We have extensive experience, working with a diverse range of companies from space technologies through to domestic electronic controls. We apply our knowledge to ensure that development projects are both efficient and cost effective, and support our customers right through the manufacturing journey, from concept to completion.

Our Skills

.Digital Electronics

We love digital things ... Boolean algebra was introduced by George Boole in 'The Mathematical Analysis of Logic' back in 1847

.Analogue Electronics

We love analogue things ... The word analogue is derived from the Greek word analogos meaning "proportional".


Most MCUs have more computing power than the computer that landed man on the moon.

With over 25 years operational experience and an extensive skills base we understand the balance between science and commerce. One of our key strengths is an ability to combine the complexities of product development with the demands of the user.

. Software

Our multi-platform software design service provides support for the complete life cycle of your project.


NYQUIST offers in-house small volume construction plus testing facilities, and can advise on suitable packaging options.

. Solution

We use the latest components and manufacturing techniques. Utilising 3D modelling you can see your product before it's built.

Our electronic development service provides you with a professional partner to work through your requirements and produce the right product for you. From initial prototype through to final implementation, NYQUIST offers a complete package, including full support services.